Radical Framework Big Update

An interesting update was made to my framework RadicalPHP yesterday.

I've been learning SCSS recently, and I understand the great advantages of using it. CSS within web development is very easy to use... however it seems to be stuck in the 90s in regards to "coding principles". In most languages, we have object orientation, which allows us to put our code into objects which greatly reduces repeated code and makes everything a lot more maintainable. CSS does have variables, but using them is a bit awkward when you make a call to one. This documentation is a great source to learn SCSS.

I found a Github repo here which provides a cool SCSS compiler. I decided to implement this into my framework, which easily enables you to compile SCSS for front-end development.

A class called "Scss" was created and serves as a controller to serve compiled SCSS to the front-end. Obviously, some modifications were made to the router to allow this change to work.

Go here to check it out!

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