A document management system to suit all needs

Bespoke software is great and all... but is often limited to having only one purpose. I have been developing a document management system that is highly configurable to a point that it suits the needs of every business and organization, utilizing the power of software development. The management system is not limited to the functionality it ships with. For example - When uploading a document... You will be given the option of setting the title, revision, category, native and PDF of the document. What if a company wants a description? instead of learning how to code to implement this... they have the ability to add it themselves through some sort of settings page. That's the vision.

I plan to implement a very powerful search functionality that allows you to narrow down your search on the fly as you set filters. A plugin system would be cool, allowing developers to code plugins and share them to each other, similar to Wordpress.

The login

dms login

The software has made a lot of progress so far, being developed on top of my custom made PHP framework. Before release - the software will undergo intense penetration tests such as SQL injections, XSS and CSRF attacks and more, ensuring the security of the system is strong and there's no way to exploit the system for malicious intentions.

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